1. Oct 14,  · coldcock (third-person singular simple present coldcocks, present participle coldcocking, simple past and past participle coldcocked) To strike someone so .
  2. Andy Dick, the controversial comedian, was attacked Saturday after a show in New Orleans’ French Quarter, his representatives reportedly said. Robert Couvillion, his booking agent, told WVUE.
  3. (third-person singular simple present cold cocks, present participle cold cocking, simple past and past participle cold cocked) (slang) To hit someone with a cold cock. (slang) To hit someone with a club, .
  4. Synonyms for coldcocked include knocked out, decked, felled, fell, floored, hit, hat, hitten, knocked down and made unconscious. Find more similar words at manalasagamanaragroshakar.xyzinfo!
  5. cur urchins coldcocked 1. Both Bud and Jerry are going to temporary homes. Why does Bud believe living with three girls is better than being with an older boy? 2. What are three bad or negative things Bud associates with being six? 3. What message does Bud believe is hidden in the Dusky Devastators of the Depression poster? 4.
  6. cold cocked The act of being sucker punched by someone. I left the bar around 4 am and when I staggered around the corner into the alley this guy cold cocked me with a .
  7. coldcock To strike someone, knocking them down and, possibly, rendering them unconscious. The burglar would have escaped too, had a passerby not coldcocked him. Everyone was stunned when that scrawny nerd coldcocked the bully.

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