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  1. To see a unicorn in a dream represents high ideals, hope and insight in a current situation. Alternatively, it also symbolizes purity, power, and gentility. Negatives are that it could represent.
  2. Unicorns represent an unattainable ideal; a fleeting fantasy that distracts the dreamer from reality. You don't mention the color; unicorns are typically pictured as white, representing virginal.
  3. Share your unique version of Unicorn in Dreams with the community of dream analysts for discussion and dream translation by leaving a comment; Study your dream interpretations with Dream Dictionary: Unicorn in Dreams Explore the Unicorn in Dreams analysis provided and pending feedback; Use the search box for A Z dream dictionary; Find answers to: why do people dream, what Islamic dreams .
  4. chaz dolo returns to Disco Insolence with his début full-length tape, i dream of unicorns. A sort of sequel to his inaugural release manalasagamanaragroshakar.xyzinfo chaz has this time utilised one of sci-fi's most popular PKD adaptations to supplement his lo-fi .
  5. Hi, I'm Michelle There is a UNICORN lives in my dream. And I believe there's a UNICORN lives in your dream too. You just have to find it. Sometimes I wonder.
  6. Sep 20,  · Unicorn. To dream of a unicorn is positive, symbolizing high ideals, hope and insight in a current situation. It also symbolizes power, gentleness, and purity. 0 0 0. Login to reply the answers Post; Anonymous. 1 decade ago.
  7. A baby unicorn in your dream might signify that you have a particularly good relationship with children, perhaps that you are a very good parent or carer. It can also indicate that something important will enter your life soon. This might not be a child, but could be a career opportunity or a new relationship.
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