Stamp Your Feet


  1. hoot. put your hands together for someone. snap / click your fingers. snort. stamp your foot. tut. tut-tut. ululate. whistle at.
  2. stamp your feet v expr. verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." figurative (protest about [sth]) impuntarsi ⇒ v rif.
  3. Stamp your feet on the ground. Make it really loud, make the biggest sound. You ain't goin', Stamp your feet on the ground. Make it really loud. You ain't goin', you ain't goin' down. Rain comes in every player's life. Gotta stay in the game, not on the sidelines. Gotta throw down, you gotta stand and fight.
  4. stamp your feet. DEFINITIONS 1. 1. to keep putting one foot down hard and noisily on the ground and then the other in order to make yourself less cold or to make a noise. People were standing around, stamping their feet and rubbing their hands. The little boy stamped his feet .
  5. Stamp Your Feet (ire) form, results and future entries. Get the latest statistics and more on Stamp Your Feet (ire) by course race type, distance and rating.
  6. 39 rows · Stamp Your Feet 2 Reach Up (GB) 1 Rocky Court (IRE) 2 Reach Up (GB) 3 Stamp Your .
  7. Apr 15,  · Donna Summer is back and "Stamp your feet" is the lead single proper off her forthcoming CD Crayons due out May 20th. This follows the club hit "I'm a fire" which topped Billboard's Hot dance club play charts (her 13th #1 there), in the process making her the only artist ever to have topped those charts in every decade from the seventies to date.4/5(24).

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