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  1. The "original" Cybermen began as the humanoid inhabitants of Earth's sister planet Mondas. In the final 1st Doctor story, The Tenth Planet, we learn that the inhabitants of Mondas became Cybermen by gradually replaced their body parts with mechanical manalasagamanaragroshakar.xyzinfo Cybermen are referred to in the fandom as Mondasian Cybermen.
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  4. The Cybermen are considerrd to be one of the most notorious villains in Doctor Who history and are responsible for the death of the first Doctor. The Cybermen that appeared in the original Doctor Who series were the Mondas Cybermen, they once were human beings living in Earth's twin planet of Mondas. When their planet drifted away into space they soon replaced their limbs with stronger metal.
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  6. Quizzed further on whether the Cybermen will turn up, Chibnall remained tight-lipped. "There is a ghost story," he said. "I would be looking far more to a ghost story at the Villa Diodati.
  7. Doctor Who's showrunner has teased a "big" Cybermen storyline for the current series' finale.. Chris Chibnall opened up in a new interview about the two-part ending to Jodie Whittaker's second.
  8. May 11,  · The Cybermen were given a major part within the 20th Anniversary Special ‘The Five Doctors’ by being obstacles for the First, Second, Third and Fifth Doctor during their battle in the Death Zone. President Borusa placed them within the zone as part of the Game of Rassilon, allowing the Doctor to prove his worth during his journey to the.
  9. In The Tomb of the Cybermen (), veins were visible through the circular head of the Cyberman Controller and in Attack of the Cybermen () and "The Age of Steel" (), the Cyber-Controller's brain is visible through the dome. The first is a Mondas Cyber Controller, while the second is an alternative cyberman.

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