Accelerate - REM* - Accelerate (CD, Album)


  1. Jul 27,  · I'll say this though. I think REM fans fall into a couple of different camps. Those who think Document is one of their best albums because it's guitar heavy (and therefore like Monster and Accelerate), and those who like REM with a bit of production and prefer albums like Automatic for the People, Out of Time, and even Around the Sun.
  2. Mar 26,  · Expert Reviews for the Newest Albums in Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, EDM, and Accelerate is a perfect title to the band’s current state, consistent rock album, Accelerate .
  3. In a lot of ways, the R.E.M. story ended with 's underrated New Adventures in Hi-Fi. That was the final R.E.M. disc to feature drummer Bill Berry, and in retrospect, Berry brought a lot more to the band than simply his drumming.
  4. Then I found Accelerate. Oh my god. I love this album. This is amazing, I’m listening through it for the third time as I’m writing this. For the first time since Document, almost all of the songs of an album are in my huge R.E.M. playlist. Why did it take me so long to discover this album???
  5. The fourteenth and penultimate album from Georgia rock band R.E.M., ’s Accelerate marked a return to a harder rocking style for the group after a decade of experimentation after the departure.
  6. The recording level has been set so high that the whole thing just becomes a blur. What happened to the tunes and the subtlety that used to be REM? Accelerate is an album not without some merit - there are some good moments - but is this all they can come up with after 4 years of studio inactivity?
  7. They are signed to Warner Bros. Records and have released six albums, their most recent being Cult of Static, which was released on March 17, The band rose to fame with their debut album Wisconsin Death Trip, which went platinum in Their sound incorporates elements of industrial metal. Static-X often refer to themselves as "evil disco".
  8. ‘Accelerate’ is a lean, streamlined rocker of a record, leaning into the band’s strengths instead of stubbornly rejecting them. ‘Living Well Is The Best Revenge’ has more spit and vinegar than the.

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